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    Ethereum based games like Cryptokitties have found footing in the Bitcoin mania. The real craze today is breeding crypto collectibles like Cryptokitties, Cryptoathletes, Cryptodoggies. You can buy, sell, and breed these avatars. The cutting-edge Cryptokitties s of Mobile Appo will allow the customization of avatars, as per your requirements. In addition, there is a master contract on the Ethreum Blockchain to tie together the whole process.

    Cryptokitties Features

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    Crypto-collectibles like cryptokitties are built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC721), therefore, the users have their own virtual asset in a safe and secure way. The ERC-721 protocol will allow the tokens to be non-fungible with unique items and robust smart contracts. Non-Fungible makes each avatar different from the other.

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    Our team of creative minds can create 100+ avatars, with each having its own unique appeal and distinguished visual appearance to enhance gamification. This will be on a marketplace created by us to display your crypto-avatars, similar to an e-commerce website. The selling price is displayed; the buyer can click and purchase the crypto-avatar.

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    Blockchain will allow participants to create their own custom art. It will broaden the audience to create a host of crypto-avatars and increase collaboration with the community. The community can breed new ‘fancy cats’ through an external contract and will have an algorithmically determined starting price.

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    Sellers can adjust the highest opening bid, along with the minimum closing bid and the time frame of the auction. In this spectrum, the buyers can participate and purchase the avatar. You will receive a percentage of each transaction to create a sustainable revenue model. In addition, you can generate earnings through the sale of your avatar.

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    You can breed two avatars, like two cats, to create a unique offspring that you can buy,sell, or keep as part of your collectibles. The user will get an ID confirming the Mother, Father, birth time, genes, and time for the new breed to reproduce again. Game developers who would like to integrate their set of collectibles can have their own set of interpretations.

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    We will create a whitepaper for your game, so that the players understand the unique features and educate themselves on the technology behind the game. The white paper will be designed by our team of creative experts who will with our writers, provide you with a white paper that will entice the gaming community.

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    Our dashboard will enable you to look at the real-time data and analytics of the number of users on the website. The dashboard will consist of all the transactions that are happening on the blockchain. Also, you can see the commissions you have received from the buying and selling of crypto kitties like avatar.

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